Happy artists with their completed pet portraits!

Class Art Supply InformationIf you are investing time, talent and money into an art class you should spend a little extra and get good quality supplies. There is a difference in pencils, papers and even erasers. Most art supplies will last for years and even decades! So you can’t go wrong getting a quality brand that will make your artistic experience much more pleasurable and successful. Here are some good brands that I like to see my students bring to class, there are many more good brands too, as in most things, price is an indicator:
drawing pencils– General’s, Kimberly, Derwent. I have seen a 12 pencil set in Derwent brand that range from 6B – 4H which would be perfect for my classes. The green Kimberly are my favorite pencils.
white erasers– I have noticed that most white plastic erasers seem to work well. It’s also very nice to have the pen type click erasers in various smaller sizes.
gray kneaded erasers– Design, Prismacolor brand, there are others that are good. A gray kneaded eraser is very important. I have noticed an eraser that is bluish in color, please do not get that eraser. You need a good size nice pliable eraser.
regular chalk pastels– NuPastel by Prismacolor is a good overall combination of a hard/soft pastel in many colors. For softer pastels price is the indicator. There are many good brands such as Rembrandt, Sennelier and many more. Please do not buy the cheap brands of pastels, you will be frustrated, they just do not work well.
acrylic paints– Liquitex, Golden, Blick brand

Class Fees Payment Information
I accept cash or check (made out to Jody Ball). The full amount can be paid in advance (by mailing a check) or paid on the first day of class unless otherwise noted in the class description. Fees are non-refundable and payment is expected for all classes if a student is absent.

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