Prayerful Thoughts

Prayerful Thoughts, 18 x 20, framed oil on linen, $400

There she was, on her pedestal in that beautiful old cemetery. She was so mournful and so beautiful at the same time with her wreath in hand and I was so compelled to paint her. She had no name attached as a monument to the loved one that she represented. She just knelt there, outside the chapel forever mourning the one she had lost.

“Prayerful Thoughts”, isn’t that the silent attitude that is evoked when we grace the entrance to a cemetery? It is the peaceful reverence for those that have gone on to the unseen place that we know truly exists. It is the knowing that the other side is real because we all love and have known so many that have gone on before us. And love will never ever die, because it continues to live on in us for those that have gone on before. We also know that we too must go on and one day we will, it is a fact.

She is painted in oil on an 18″ x 20″ linen canvas, so fitting for what she represents. And she still brings a sense of peace, even as she mourns on my studio wall.

I hope that I have not alarmed you with my sense of bereavement, it’s just that old cemeteries and old statues bring that out in me, and they are beautiful.

Winter has taken a toll, even on my thoughts and attitude and I think it is time for spring to arrive. It is time for my “prayerful thoughts” to be centered on the resurrection of Christ, the most important event that is celebrated in all of time. My next blog post will be more on that cheerful note! In the meantime, Christ died even for you, take Him at His word, He will never fail you.

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

6 thoughts on “Prayerful Thoughts”

    1. Well thank you for your kind compliment Lucy! I really enjoyed painting it. We will go and visit the cemetery sometime so that you can see the real statue! It’s near Waynesville.

  1. A beautiful painting of reflection. This world is a busy one, where sometimes we don’t stop to reflect on all that the Lord has given us and has taken away to a beautiful place. Our hearts sometimes need to be filled with thoughts of of blessings and life and after life.
    May the Lord bless you with this painting of beauty.

  2. This is a lovely, thought-provoking piece of Art, Jody. The details of the figure’s clothing are simply amazing…….they pop out so realistically! I agree about being prayerful when in a cemetery. There is much to think and pray about there, and much to hope for when you are a Believer in Christ.

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