“A Man And His Dog” 12 x 16, Oil on canvas

If you are considering having a cherished portrait painted, whether it is a pet, a person, your home, or even a favorite landscape I can help you with that! I have painted many personal portraits over the years and truly love the process. It makes me happy to think that someone is going to treasure the image of a loved one and have it passed down through future generations.

The place to start the process will be to contact me. We will talk and can discuss how you would want your portrait painted such as whether you would like oil paints, pastels (chalks), pen & ink, pencil, charcoal or colored pencil. There are many options to choose from and I am able to do this. I work from photographs for this process (I never trace from a photo, I feel this is cheating the client) and I would love to help you! You can call or text me at 513-405-1540 or simply contact me via email here, I will also send you a price list:  Contact Jody!

If you are considering something like this as a gift, please contact me early and give me plenty of time to complete the process. Below are some examples of personal portraits I have painted over the years. I also guarantee your satisfaction as we work together through the process so that we both will be happy with the finished portrait. Thank you for taking the time to look and consider having a personal portrait commissioned by Jody!