One Foggy Morning

One Foggy Morning

One Foggy Morning, 9.5 x 11, framed pastel on board, $285

It was a morning late last summer when fog had wrapped itself around my world in mysterious silence . I had to take my camera this special morning, there wouldn’t be too many more like this for awhile.  So I saddled up the dog (I tell her that when we are going on a walk) with her halter and there we went, down to the dip in the road. I stopped, snapped this picture and then continued in the morning silence beyond.

Notice the softness of the picture. I knew this painting would be perfect for pastels. I worked my very soft pastels on a toned blue/gray board with very little texture. You have to be careful about the layering of pastels when there is no texture, but I wanted the viewer to get a grasp of the atmosphere that I experienced that morning.

And then there are the cows, peaceful cows that have a tendency to walk into my pictures. I couldn’t be more blessed.


13 thoughts on “One Foggy Morning”

  1. Great blog & painting. Keep up the good work. Enjoy all you do. I could just feel the air & the peace from the painting & your description.

  2. The details in the closest cow add so much to the depth of the scene. And the grasses in front look so real I could reach out and touch them. Lovely piece!

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