My Girls


My Girls, 15 x 20, pastel on paper, NFS

The story for this painting began long ago and not so far away in a little house on Holly Lane. The little house on Holly Lane provided enough space for two children to have their own tiny bedroom where each fell fast asleep every evening. One particular evening in April of 1980, both little girls had that angelic quality about them as sleeping children often do. So much that I got out my camera and captured a photograph of each, as I mentioned, in their own bed.

This portrait of “My Girls” is very near and dear to my heart. It was the very first portrait I ever painted back in 1998 when I had the time to think about a more serious art career. I scoured a box of old photos for the pictures and thought it would be sweet to put the girls together as they slept. I rendered the portrait in pastels thinking what a gift it was to be able to recreate my children almost 2 decades later in the softness that pastels allows. To feel their chubby cheeks again, the color and texture of their hair as I worked, it was nice to be able to remember their little faces that way.

Some mornings even now, I give myself the gift of an early morning sketch time and use simple everyday objects in my living room as subjects, sketching with a simple everyday pencil. My children’s little 2″ x  3″ baby pictures sit in tiny frames on the table by my chair. My pencil allows me to remember their chubby round cheeks, the softness and texture of their hair, the sweet baby smells and the simple little life we had in that little house on Holly Lane.


10 thoughts on “My Girls”

  1. I’ve always loved this of the girls, reminding me of our fun times together in that little house on Holly! Our late evenings that I now apologize for, keeping you up so late with two little ones!! Haha! Oh to be that young again!

    1. Good old Holly Lane, good friends and memories and yes…HAHA! Saturday Night Live each and every week and then church the next morning. Thank you very much!!!!

  2. Jody I love this! You writing about your girls, and seeing this painting,makes me think of my girls when they were the sweetest babies & loved each other so much. Thanks for bringing back those sweet memories!

    1. You are welcome Donna and thank you for your sweet comment. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long ago but I guess the years have flown by haven’t they. So thankful for the sweet memories!

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