Joy Of The Earth

Joy Of The Earth, 12 x 16, Pastel on board, $350

Day after day, the relentless call came to me “Look over here, create !” I was possessed by the early morning scene that stretched across the eastern sky each day on my walk and the earlier I went out, the more beautiful it became. The yellows and oranges were bursting as the fog gently hovered just above the damp ground on each cool mid-spring morning. After a few days I succumbed to the call.

I had a piece of board in the studio that I had hand primed with a burgundy pastel primer and had been waiting for the right time to put into use. I spent about 5 days working on this pastel painting, but four days out of the five I had truly decided in the middle of the night to fold it up and just throw it away. “Just be done-give it up, throw it away!” the night voices would tell me. But my heart spoke another song, the same song it spoke when the scene called my name, so I persevered.

And on the last day, as the scene then became the painting, it spoke again, this time in silence. I added the final touches and walked away.

6 thoughts on “Joy Of The Earth”

  1. Jody – truly a gift God gives you! I say gives rather than given because He is so present-tense in our lives, as you experienced when he directed you to look and create!

    Thank you for persevering and listening to His sweet direction and ignoring the “throw it away” voice. He is our joy of the earth!! Thank you for sharing Him by using the gifts of expression he gives you! I love you!!

    1. Thank you Kathy for your kind comments. He IS the Joy Of The Earth. I don’t think He minded having me share that title for my painting! LOL…Love you too!

    1. Thank you Linda! I believe God gave me the title name as I was praying that morning. Jesus is the real JOY of the earth. After that, I couldn’t help myself!

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