Beginners Drawing Skills Drills Class – Private Lessons

Drawing Skills Drills Class (6 weeks)

***Please note: This class is now being held on a private lesson basis. Charges for private lessons are below.  If you are interested in having the opportunity for a one on one drawing experience please contact me!

Ages: 12 – adult

Private Lesson: The Drawing Skills Drills course will be held as a 6 week, two hour class private lesson. It takes 6 weeks to complete this drawing course on a private lesson basis. You will come away with new skills and knowledge in the area of drawing!

Time: 2 hrs. per lesson. The times and dates for classes will be decided between the student and Jody according to individual schedules. The lessons don’t necessarily need to be on the same day and time each week, you have the option to make this an every other week activity or however our schedules allow.

Cost: $180 paid in advance per 6 week private lesson session.

Please call (513-405-1540) or email me if interested in private lessons.  Private Lessons Interest

I will try to practice distancing guidelines but can’t guarantee that the 6 foot rule can always be applied during a private lesson class. I will not be wearing a mask.

Good drawing skills are the foundation for success and happiness in all art mediums and this is a great place to start! If you think you have NO drawing skills this is for you. If you have the knack for drawing but have not had much additional training, this class will definitely be an asset to make the whole drawing process much easier. I promise, you will be challenged!

This fun and lively class will teach students how to understand and apply basic drawing skills in order to give them a solid foundation to progress into further art applications as they mature. Students will be taught how to see objects as they really are and apply that knowledge to render a subject as it really is. Students will also be encouraged to allow their individual drawing style to shine. They will gain a new appreciation for how things are created and be taught to really look at a subject, separating it out in their mind to build it back up on paper. We will use a variety of pencils and approach each project in a different way so that students will begin to understand how to see in order to draw an object on paper. I recommend this course for those that have an interest in learning to paint, but have had no drawing experience.

Drawing Skills Drills Supply List:

The following items are available at United Art and Education, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or online at,, etc.

*11” x 14” Spiral Bound Drawing Sketch Pad: preferably Strathmore or Canson brand

*4H, B, 4B drawing pencils or a nice set of 12 drawing pencils that include the mentioned pencils, the more the better!

*Erasers: Staedtler Mars White Plastic Eraser or another good brand and a gray kneaded eraser; The following are not mandatory but very handy to also have on hand…click type Pencil shaped erasers with smaller tips such as Pentel Clic eraser, Papermate Tuff Stuff eraser stick, Tombow Mono Zero elastomer eraser.

*pencil sharpener: preferably the type that collects and holds the shavings

*12” ruler

* Alvin duster brush for eraser clean up (or a soft large round make up brush works fine too)

*** If students already have a 12” T-Square ruler or larger, please bring it, if not I can supply one. It’s a great tool to have on hand!