Investing In Art Of A Different Kind

My parents investing in the future

My goodness, cherished keepsakes and the memories they create take you way back. In this case to my childhood and all of the fond rememberances of early art classes as a kid. I was age 8, Donna Beavers was the local accomplished Mason Ohio artist who taught art to people of all ages. My parents had enrolled me in her art classes because Mom said all I did was draw and color. We met at a place in Mason called Everybody’s Farm, a real farm where public events were held. I don’t remember much about it’s history but the name was enough to say “Welcome” in my mind which made it a very friendly place to be! WLW radio even broadcast their farm report on Saturday mornings from a booth in the building we met in for classes. I still remember the window and the microphone in that sound booth. How cool is that for an 8 year old kid in 1965!

One bright afternoon Donna took us outside and informed us that we were going to hike over the hill and paint outside. I had never thought about painting like that before! We hiked and sat on a hill that overlooked a valley with the stream, trees and barn. In my mind’s eye I was able to recreate the scene in front of me and I was so proud! Once home I showed it off to my parents, then they showed it off to my grandparents where I, of course received praise upon praise. This was enough to bolster my art confidence and make me want to continue my artistic endeavors. Mom also told me that Donna complimented my ability to create perspective. Now as I view this old painting, she obviously had to find something to compliment but I can see that she must have taught us perspective principles. I painted the trees in the distance a lighter green to show distance which is a correct perspective principle and I must have taken it all in like a sponge.

Whether Mom and Dad realized it or not, they were investing in something that has lasted a lifetime for me and I am so appreciative of that. I am also honored that so many folks have put their confidence in me to teach their children as well as the adults that have come for classes in the past. This is all a journey, one that never ends because creating is always new, always ongoing and always fresh! It is exciting to be given the ability create as this is one of the characteristics of God! Didn’t He say He made us in His image? Just think about that.

I’ll stop here for now but will be back with more history as we fast forward to more recent years. I will share a couple of more small portions in the next few weeks. Thanks for visiting!