In Her Father’s Hands

Emily, 1975

This pencil sketch of Emily was a labor of love and emotion and became one of my early morning drawings in the handmade sketchbook that I use. Her old 1970s picture album with about 7-1/2 months of photos sat by my chair and I thought I would draw her for the first time in well over 40 years. The photo I chose is small and a little blurry and her little face measures about 1″ which is what I had to work with. I managed to draw her portrait in pencil and it came out to be about 10″ tall in the sketchbook. The thought “In Her Father’s Hands” came to mind as I drew and looked at the picture. As you can see, she was then, and is even more so now, “In Her Father’s Hands”.

18 thoughts on “In Her Father’s Hands”

  1. This is so lovely that it brought tears. I didn’t have the privilege of meeting little Emily,but in a way, through her we met and have been friends all these years. What a great testimony to our Father’s love!

  2. The memories of our children when they were so small. I wish I was able to capture that in my drawing, but we aren’t all fortunate to have that talent. So glad you embrace that and show such emotion. I will continue to enjoy your blogs and your company.

  3. Through the tears, comes beauty, beauty from ashes, as it is written. We will meet again and have forever to catch up. What a blessing and a healing to put this into something so lovely. God Bless you, Jody and Ray. You have blessed so many and God is checking to see if there is any hurts that you need patched up. Love this.

    1. Thank you Annette! Yes, I realized what a gift it is to be able to draw her while I worked and even comforting after all of these years. What a blessing it is!

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