Image Of A Mother

Image of A Mother, 10 x 14, framed charcoal on Canson paper, $295

It’s been exactly 2 years since I visited South Africa with my husband and other believers from our church on a mission trip to minister to children and teens who were orphans due to the AIDS epidemic there. This was a place I said I would never go, my feet were fine in Ohio but when you hear the call, you go. We prepared VBS activities in advance for children and held the day long events at different orphan centers each day, reaching out to hundreds of kids who were eager to participate.

At the end of the trip as I boarded the plane, I thought about the kids we met and wondered how many had known their mothers before passing away from that horrible disease. The reason I mention mothers is the fact that very few of the kids have fathers at home. They either never knew them or many of the fathers leave home in shame due to not being able to provide for their family. Most of these kids live with grandmothers or other caregivers in the area and they attend orphan centers for schooling, food and other opportunities through an organization that we worked with called Horizon International based in Indiana.

We sponsor a teen age boy that attends one of the orphan centers there and had the privilege of meeting him! I wondered if he had known his mother, how old was he when she passed away and what did she look like? I imagined her and drew a pencil sketch in my journal on the trip home. “Image Of A Mother” was what I thought she would look like, or she could be any of the other mothers that these children had lost.

After that, I had a little bit of culture shock coming back to the USA and wanted to retreat into my studio alone and draw for awhile. In order to create a little record, I used charcoal on a medium toned paper and drew a larger “Image Of A Mother” from the small sketch in my book. I also drew some of the other children in their happy raw form the same way from photographs that I had taken, all are framed and in my studio. The other drawings can be located in my gallery here: Drawings-African Inspired

It humbles me to think about the privilege it was to meet these people who were contented with so little. The pictures from other side of the world became reality for me during that time in South Africa.





4 thoughts on “Image Of A Mother”

  1. Just as those dear children will stay in your mind and heart, you will remain in their memories as well. What a RICH experience for you and Ray to go and serve. This art representing that journey is amazing. You captured such human emotion in each of them, and a powerful peace and elegance in the “Image of a Mother.”

    1. Wow, thank you Faith! I appreciate your kind comments and hope that the emotion and enjoyment of the simple life they lead does come across in my drawings as you mentioned. The “Image of a Mother” drawing has a dreamy quality that just happened as I drew, that is how I imagined her being, I did not try to make it that way, it just happened. Thanks again…..

  2. Inspirational! Thank you, Jody for sharing this wonderful drawing and the story of your trip. I commend you and Ray for having the courage to do such valuable work abroad.

    1. Thank you Marcy, you are so sweet to comment! I fought going, wondered if I would really come back home but God is faithful and provided His protection. It was a giant faith building time for sure!

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