About Jody Ball

AS AN ARTIST…I view each painting as a faith endeavor into the unknown guided by a silent intuitive voice, this is a gift from God. As I work, I am inspired by the wonderment of nature with its depth and beauty, I then step back and ask myself “how did I do that?” So much of my inspiration comes from local parks and nature preserves in Ohio and the surrounding states, even my own backyard.

Understanding the importance of the art lessons I took as a child, I also passionately teach art to students, young and old in my Pansy House Studio. I have also taught home school students for several years at two different co-ops. All of these teaching experiences have given me the opportunity to create many different types of art classes.

I am currently a member of the Ohio Pastel Artist League. I reside with my husband, Ray on a small three acre farm where my Pansy House Studio is located. I have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren! I also enjoy my garden and have a menagerie of assorted animals on the homestead.

Artist Statement    

I am in love with God and nature and figure that God the Father and Creator has so much more imagination than me. Therefore, I use His creation as my guide.

    Art is an inborn passion for me. I am possessed with the colors, forms and textures that are possible in the creation of two dimensional art.  Believing that God is the giver of all good things, I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be able to express my heart in a way that can bring joy and peace to the beholder.

This website is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Joe and Marcia Manning who believed in my artistic capabilities even as a young child. During that time they allowed me to take art classes from Donna Beavers, a prominent artist and teacher in my hometown. I still remember that first lesson in her front yard on a sunny day …”shadows”… and I teach those same important concepts I was taught in my first “real art class”, even now.

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