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Snowy Stream, 11 x 15, framed pastel on board, $375

During this time of year, it’s nice to show this winter landscape painting I did several years ago. I remember driving along the old country roads near Mason Ohio (not sure if most of those old country roads exist there anymore) and Ray was at the wheel. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I wanted to capture some of the wintry beauty with my camera for painting purposes. We came to this little stream that ran under the road, I yelled “STOP!” and he did.

The picture is painted on a thick archival board that I textured myself and it is painted with pastels (the chalk type).  It is matted and framed and on display in my studio and as many other paintings I have, Snowy Stream is for sale.

Please contact me for an appointment if you would like to visit my studio, purchase this painting or another painting from my website.

“The picture that looks as if it were done without an effort may have been a perfect battlefield in it’s making.”

The Art Spirit, Robert Henri, 1865-1929

This website is dedicated to the memory of my parents Joe and Marcia Manning who believed in my artistic capabilities even as a young child. During that time they allowed me to take art classes from Donna Beavers, a prominent artist and teacher in my hometown. I still remember that first lesson in her front yard on a sunny day …”shadows”… and I teach those same important concepts I was taught in my first “real art class”, even now. 

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