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Cattle Guard

Let Spring Begin!

My spring and summer 2017 classes are posted in the menu! There are beginning drawing and advanced drawing classes for youth and adults. There are classes for learning to paint in both acrylics and pastels. Young people have a chance to study the life and works of Vincent van Gogh!

As always, I have paint parties going on throughout the year, usually on Friday nights. They are always a fun time for all. Check out the details under the “Paint Parties” tab.

All class sizes are limited, please sign up early to insure your spot.

This little scene is across the road from our property. The bull seems to be saying “Stay away from my girls!” I believe I appropriately titled it “Cattle Guard”. It is painted in pastels on toned Mi-Teintes pastel paper.


 Paintpartyfamily Paint Parties at the Pansy House Studio

If you would like to come to a paint party but have a different date in mind please contact me. You can find out the details about paint parties at the studio in the menu or check them out here…Paint Parties!


 This website is dedicated to the memory of my parents Joe and Marcia Manning who believed in my artistic capabilities even as a young child. During that time they allowed me to take art classes from a prominent artist and teacher in my hometown. I still remember that first lesson in her front yard on a sunny day …”shadows”… and I teach those same important concepts I was taught in my first “real art class”, even now. 

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