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 Meet Ranger

This is Ranger, the beloved dog of a special friend of my granddaughter. She asked me to paint this oil portrait as a Christmas gift for her very special friend and of course I said “yes!”.

I would be happy to paint the portrait of a special pet, person or home for you. This would be something that can be cherished for generations. Look over some examples in my Gallery Of Art above and please contact me for a price list.


 Paintpartyfamily Paint Parties at the Pansy House Studio

I hold paint parties on Friday nights when time allows and occasionally other days and times of the week. Think about celebrating a birthday or special occasion or coming out to treat yourself to a fun and relaxing evening after a hard week at work. They are always so much fun! You can find out about paint party details in the menu or check them out here…

Paint Parties!


This website is dedicated to the memory of my parents Joe and Marcia Manning who believed in my artistic capabilities even as a young child. During that time they allowed me to take art classes from a prominent artist and teacher in my hometown. I still remember that first lesson in her front yard on a sunny day …”shadows”… and I teach those same important concepts I was taught in my first “real art class”, even now. 

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